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Andrea Bethge started horseriding at the age of 14. At the age of 20, she achieved her first international placing in a combined Intermediaire I and Freestyle. As a professional rider she has been training horses and riders for more than 20 years. During this time she has trained several horses up to Grand Prix level and showed various horses in competition.

The range of winning riding horse tests reaches up to "Premier Class" S***. Andrea holds the „Goldenes Reitabzeichen“ and has been competing in performance class D1 (highest level) since 2014. She was also able to successfully present extremely difficult horses at Grand Prix level, such as Waikato, with whom she has meanwhile won the Grand Prix. Further horses are in the promising training for dressage competition.

As a trainer, Andrea teaches her training method in a comprehensible way. With her training methodology, horse and rider benefit from a well-founded physiological and (sport-)psychological understanding, which she gained from her experience as a former top ten sprinter in Germany. During the three years Andrea studied medicine at Hanover Medical School, she has further deepened her physiological knowledge.

Andrea does not only work at her own equestrian centre in Münchehagen, but also at various riding stables in the Hanover and Salzgitter regions. She is also available internationally for clinics. As a dressage trainer she currently has foreign engagements for clinics in the USA, South Korea and Italy.




Andrea Bethge


On her Facebook page Andrea informs regularly about her work in training units and clinics.