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Hanoverian gelding, born 13.06.2000, Welser x Don Carlos

Grand Prix Pferd Waikato von Andrea Bethge                             Grand Prix Pferd Waikato von Andrea Bethge

Waikato came to me at the age of five and a half years. I bought him from his breeder, who had already trained him up to elementary test level. At that day, Friedrich Dreyer was my companion. His advice on Waikato was as motivating as the one on Pari back then:"He's extremely spooky, you can't buy him!"

Yes, Waiki is extremely spooky. But his overflowing energy is directed in the right way, making this horse a performance WANTER! It's great to be allowed to work with such a horse (always in the hope of not falling down in a careless moment...)!

Waikato had a heavy accident at the age of seven. In his specialty, namely rearing with a subsequent turn and running away, he slipped and broke his right point of buttock (comminuted facture). In addition, his back and neck suffered considerable damage.

The training after the long, injury-related breakdowns had to be specifically focused on the chronic changes caused by his fall. Some people were quite surprised that Waikato could actually become an athlete. His physical difficulties in combination with his mental peculiarity does not make riding unproblematic, but since he wants to achieve something, his training worked and still works.


  •  2012 multiple Grand Prix placings
  • 2013 Grand-Prix won and placed, Grand-Prix Special placed
  • 2014 for the season opener third in GP and second in GPS
  • 2015 competition break
  • 2016 competition break
  • 2017 Confirmation of the international standard in the Grand Prix, permission to compete for World Cup qualification


Unfortunately, Waikato was injured during the transport to the competition and didn't make it through the vet-check. In the meantime, however, he is fully recovered and ready for the 2018 season.



Russian Warmblood, gelding, born 1994, Pechota x Arlekin

Grand Prix Pferd Pari und Andrea Bethge                   Grand Prix Pferd Pari von Andrea Bethge

I found Pari in September 2002 at a horse dealer, where he had already been on sale for two years, without any prospective buyer being able to decide to buy. Friedrich Dreyer (breeder of Hanoverian horses, who sold some of his horses at the auction in Verden), who accompanied me at that time, clearly advised me against buying him:"If you buy him, I feel sorry for you. You won't win anything with him!"

Pari was very chic, but had a hurried, short, irregular walk and was also prone to irregularities in trot. The canter was good. He did crib-biting, was hysterical and suffered from Kissing Spines. It took him about five minutes to install himself firmly in my heart. There he lives until today: -)

Meanwhile, his back is strengthened and his previous problems no longer affect him. The only thing that remains is the crib-biting.
Even today, Pari is by far the most spooky horse I know. However, someone who is watching us riding would probably not notice this, because Pari can orientate himself enough to me (mostly; -) in the meantime.

His scores in walk are from 3 to 6, sometimes 7 (with some slips in old patterns if he gets too excited; -) ). His trot is mostly in the score of 7 and his canter was already worth a 9 once. He has - unexpectedly for some of us - learnt everything; I am happy that Pari and I were able to reach Grand Prix despite our few competition starts.


  • In 2010 Pari had four competions and was placed in Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special.
  • 2011 injury-related break
  • 2012 Placings up to Short Grand Prix
  • In 2013 we had again bad luck with injuries and a 10-week breakdown. His first start after that was correspondingly good, but already at the second one he had a score of about 65.5%. Yes, he's tough, my little Russian: -) Later in the year, top placings in Intermediaire II and Short Grand Prix
  • 2014 placings in Short Grand Prix

Since 2015 Pari is no longer shown at competitions, but with his more than 20 years of age he is as fit and cheeky as ever. It's a pleasure to be with him every day.


Walk Away

Hanoverian gelding, born 07.05.2006, Worldly x Regazzoni

Nachwuchsdressurpferd Johnny von Andrea Bethge                         Dressurpferd Johnny (Walk Away) mit Andrea Bethge

Johnny came to us at the end of February 2013,7 years old. He is gangly, totally cool and strong in movement. In May 2012 he was last shown on competitions. Here he won a medium dressage test for dressage horse with 7.5, although there was a mistake in a flying change.

Johnny showed himself to be very phlegmatic, dull at the leg and also on aids – on the use of spurs or whip followed only a moderate reaction. Not active in the mouth, but an excessive yielding of the poll at the same time: he overbent himself, with a distinctly false bend. The false bend will be visible for some time yet. But the idea to relax the topline, to open in the throat latch and to develop (again) walking pleasure will come quickly.

Update July 2013: Johnny's basic gaits have clearly gained expression, he is very nice in LANG&TIEF, he is still cool, sweet and wants to do everything right. He is still clearly too weakly muscled, but continues to build up.

In 2016 Johnny was showed for the first time in a competition by me. He goes medium and advanced level dressage and would have won his first advanced level test directly if I hadn't stepped in.... So he was "only" third.

In the meantime he is almost always placed in our few starts. He is simply a great team player! At shows and exhibitions - like in August 2017 in front of thousands of spectators at the Aachen dressage arena - he is also my safety net. He gives the impression that he loves the action, that he loves to present himself. He is not the smallest one, but at shows he grows beyond himself: -)




Oldenburg gelding, born 17.05.2005, Donnerball x Fashion King

Dressurpferd Donnersmarck von Andrea Bethge                                Dressurpferd Donnersmarck von Andrea Bethge

Donni came to us in November 2011 as a lovely, phlegmatic, 6 year old horse. All in all, he was quite fearless and got along with every other horse on the paddock or pasture - but: he panicked in front of other horses RIDDEN. He showed his panic in unconditional avoidance manoeuvres, no matter how - even if it was through the wall! In other words, he tried to canter up the wall in his desperate attempt to escape. As we learned later on, attempts to show him on competition (training level dressage horses tests) failed due to the fact that Don could not be ridden on the training ground.

Apart from that, Don was non-responsive to the driving leg, opened his mouth wide up, had a false bend and was incredibly crooked. His extreme asymmetry with distinctly different muscles, especially of the croup, and clenching tail twisted to the right, combined with his panic in front of ridden horses AND his otherwise uncomplicated and fearless manner, suggests a serious problem which could have once happened during riding. I'm thinking of a collision, kick or something.

With a lot of patience and basic work, basic work, basic work and again basic work, Don is still a bit afraid of other horses during training, but stays manageable. He is beautiful in the mouth, moves really well in all basic gaits, is ambitious and sooooo sweet.
His idea to get exited and overbent is gone, but unfortunately it takes a long time until the wrong neck musculature has receded and the false bend will be at least barely visible. Overall, Donni is a true friend who wants to please.

Unfortunately, he could not be trained for three years due to a gait irregularity, without even the most complex diagnostic procedures in the veterinary clinic being able to explain the reason for this. Don's problem was caused by a faulty conformation that the farrier had not detected for such a long time. A change to the farrier of the German team, Dieter Kröhnert, brought Don back into training! I am very happy about this and hope to be able to start into the 2018 season with him after the winter training. Thank you, Dieter Kröhnert!