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My Philosophy

“I want to ride with humbleness instead of hybris. Aim of my riding is my thoughts to become the horse’s thoughts. "


Andrea is holder of the Golden Riding Badge (Goldenes Reitabzeichen) and is committed to training horses in such a way that a cheerful, efficient and absolutely authentic animal partner is on the move with his rider. In keeping with this philosophy, she teaches the riders also in a positive, motivating manner and picks up everyone from wherever they are.


Fine, fair and healthy for success!


Andreas's own sporting achievements range from winning in riding horse tests to Grand Prix.

None of her horses is a "firecracker", every single one of them is special. Her successful horse Waikato was so badly injured as a young horse, that probably no one believed in a complete rehabilitation any more, no veterinarian - and also Andrea not. Waikato was still unhappy after more than a year in the meadow, so Andrea decided to train him again. She just wanted to "do something with Waikato and see how far we could get". Waikato did everything! Decisive for the performances with this character-strong gelding Andrea succeeded in the year 2014 by various victories and placings in the Grand Prix into the highest performance class in the German competition sport, the class D1.


Andrea Bethge reitet fein, fair und gesunderhaltend bis zum Grand Prix


Andrea Bethge trains all of the horses entrusted to her in a way that suits the species and without time pressure. She rides every horse in a special way; in an understanding, dignified and loving manner - adapted to its individual character and physical capabilities. For Andrea, there is no difference between her own horses and training horses.
There is no fixed scheme here. Sometimes it may be necessary to make a short, targeted correction, which MUST end with praise - punishment and thus the generation of fear on the horse is avoided.


Andrea Bethge does not want to dominate, but wants to form an equal team with the horse.


The aim is always to unite the essence of the horse with the essence of the rider in harmony.


This leads to relaxation of the horse's mind and body and, as a result, to the horse's willingness and ability to develop maximum strength, even for the most difficult exercises.

From the point of view of animal welfare, Andrea Bethge rejects problematic training methods, such as the so-called „Rollkur“, as well as the use of auxiliary reins. It goes without saying that keeping horses in groups is as appropriate to the species as possible, with lots of free-wheeling on pasture or paddock, is just as natural as loving contact with the horses.


The result of her way with the horses is ideally that

two bodies merge into one - but necessarily with two heads

in intimate dialogue with each other.

Andrea wishes herself cheerful horses. And also riders who climb into the saddle with joy.


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