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If you are looking for a close-knit equestrian care for yourself and/or your horse, there are always a number of places available in Andreas training facilities. You are also welcome to come for a certain period of time, such as a cure, to work intensively on specific problems or goals. An unlimited stay is of course also possible.

Die Einfahrt zur Anlage in Münchehagen

Andreas training facilities are located in the village of Münchehagen. Not far from the Steinhuder Lake, North Germany's largest inland lake and within sight of the legendary dinosaur tracks.

Here live contented horses, Horsemanship is lived and here you can experience how horses and riders rediscover themselves.
A 20 x 60 m indoor riding arena with a total of 30 metres of mirrors (short side fully mirrored!) and the best floor is available for extensive riding in wind and weather.Pferde auf der Weide auf der Anlage von playful.piaffe

The horses are accommodated in beautiful, bright, airy boxes, at least at night. During the day they stand on the paddocks and pastures directly at the yard. It goes without saying that the best straw, hay and oats are available. We only feed hay.



Would you like to get to know Andreas Yard? We are pleased about a short message and welcome you at any time gladly in Münchehagen.