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December 2018


Our first DVD

Just in time for the fair "Pferd & Jagd" in Hannover and for St. Nicholas Day we will release our first DVD on December 6th!

DVD "Reiten von innen heraus" Dressage training by Andrea Bethge


Months of work and an endless amount of effort go into this instructional DVD series on the basics of horse training.

We are so proud to have finally finished it!

You can find more information and ordering options here.


August 2018


Information Day with SIBA - Sit in Balance




On August 26th we will present our cooperation with "SIBA - Sit in Balance" during an information day.


In addition there will be an interesting program from 14 - 16 o'clock at the playful.piaffe yard in Münchehagen.


Following the slogan

"Seat correction made easy - dressage lessons made easier with the SIBA saddle"

Christiane Weninger, head of SIBA, will give an informative lecture and a practical demonstration together with Andrea.


Of course it is also possible to test the saddle yourself and get advice on site.


We are looking forward to an exciting day with many interested people!


 Infoblatt Infotag.








July 2018

A report about Andrea and her special kind of horse training

Andrea Bethge: Trainerin, die Pferde gesund reitet

Sendehinweis: Tiere suchen ein Zuhause | 22. Juli 2018, 18.15 - 19.10 Uhr

WDR Tiere suchen ein Zuhause Andrea Bethge


...a great project of the WDR!


"Andrea Bethge: trainer who rides horses healthy


Many show horses are traumatized by rough riding methods. But professional rider Andrea Bethge proves that successful horse training is also possible without pressure, considerately and sensitively.

Brutal riding methods in dressage have caused scandals and a lot of discussion in recent years. Behind this is often the quest for success on tournaments or ignorance. 30 years ago, professional rider Andrea Bethge also did what her trainer said. But when she realized what she was doing to the horses, she completely changed her mind and developed her own philosophy "playful.piaffe". The welfare of the animals is uncompromisingly in the first place.
The goal: cheerfully motivated horses

In her training stable in Lower Saxony, she regularly trains horses that are physically and mentally exhausted due to incorrect training. She takes the time to get to know each animal and to adapt her training individually. Andrea Bethge's goal is the "happily motivated" horse, who likes to do something with his rider. Playful lessons and fun instead of submission and pressure. Riding as a real teamplay between man and horse."


Andrea Bethge Dressurausbildung mit Spaß statt Druck