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looking for a new Home?

We help you individually and sensitively to find a responsible new home for your horse - we offer interesting conditions for breeders and private persons.

As always, our focus is on the HORSE. After a certain period of time in our care, we can judge the horse honestly and find a great new home to the best of our knowledge and belief. We attach great importance to openness and honesty as well as time and patience. It is very important to us that interested parties get to know the horse in its full personality first, which may require several meetings. Not only humans, but also horses should be given the opportunity to adapt to their new counterparts. In this way, we can find out which partnership can harmonize and make both sides permanently happy. Of course, we are happy to continue to support horses and riders on the path of team building.

Even if we take over the complete process of looking for interested parties, getting to know each other up to the purchase procedure for you, we do NOT see ourselves as a horse dealer. For us, the horse is not a thing, not an object that is passed on profitably. Of course, our company also has to work economically - but we do not want to do so at the expense of the horses, but in their own interest.

Therefore we cannot look for a home for every horse. However, our contacts facilitate the sale of promising young horses, uncomplicated all-rounders and reliable amateur horses as well as successful dressage horses. We always make individual decisions. If you wish, we would also be happy to develop your horse further or present it at competitions.

Simply contact us.

looking for a partner?

Are you looking for a new member of your family, but want to find out if it suits you? Great, then we can help you! We always know someone who knows someone, who knows from someone who is looking for someone...

Just talk to us!

Time and again we have wonderful horse personalities at our yard who are looking for a new partner for life for various reasons. With us you get the chance to get to know the horse thoroughly and honestly, and to find out with time and patience whether you fit together.

We wish that horse and rider become happy together and that the horse gets a forever home. We will be happy to take the necessary time for several meetings. It goes without saying that we present the horse openly and honestly with all its advantages and quirks - after all, we want you to get to know its personality. At the same time, we need this openness and honesty from you. This is the only way we can help you find the right partner for you.