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Reitunterricht für alle Altersklassen und Ausbildungsstände, individuell angepasst

training of students

  • The first training session for a new horse / rider pair takes 60 minutes to register the horse and rider as a team.
  • All further trainings can be arranged individually, flexible times are possible.
  • The individualized instruction is tailored to your needs and skills, from the lunge level to the heavy class.
  • Andrea Bethge teaches the rider to bring his horse to his side, to become an equal team and to enter into dialogue with the horse.
  • In concrete terms, this means that the rider learns to adapt to the nature of his horse - to make his idea into that of the horse.
  • He learns to use his body in such a way that the horse and rider can move in harmony.
  • This interaction forms the basis of everything.
  • From this, the LANG&TIEF develops just as much as the piaffe, and everything else in between.


No restrictions

Andrea Bethge teaches independent of age, level and breed.

Everyone ready for a positive attitude and a riding style "Pro Horse" is welcome.


Uncomplicated arragements

If you would like to take lessons with Andrea, simply send us a non-binding enquiry. We always have appointments available at short notice.
Lessons can be arranged at our facility on weekends or during the week - from morning to late in the evening, depending on availability.


We look forward to seeing you!