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The ideal form of therapy for your horse to be able to return to sport quickly even after injuries and suffering that are difficult to treat.

Das Therapiegerät Equitron


For some time now I have been successfully using the EQUITRON for therapy in my company. Since many horses come to me with damage to the musculoskeletal system, this device has quickly become an invaluable companion.

The field of application is very diverse. I use it in pain therapy (e.g. for inflammations), to stimulate the muscles for tension in the neck, neck or back or for regenerative therapy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and I am really enthusiastic about the results.


It can be used among other things for

  • strains, inflammations and tensions of the musculature
  • rideability problems
  • tension and inflammation of the cervical spine
  • neck ligament calcifications
  • ataxia
  • Kissing Spines
  • diseases of the spine
  • inflammations in the eye and tooth area
  • infectious diseases
  • abscesses and cysts
  • arthrosis and arthritis
  • fractures (finger leg, ...)
  • cruciate ligament injuries
  • tendon and ligament diseases
  • bondage carrier diseases
  • bursitis
  • podotrochlosis
  • hoof bruises
  • wounds and scars
  • to promote healing after surgical interventions
  • ...
Anwendungsbereiche des Equitron


The application is simple and uncomplicated. It is very well accepted by the animals as the therapy is non-drug, painless and free of side effects. Sedation is not necessary. A treatment usually takes only a few minutes.

Of course, in the case of injuries, a prior clarification by the treating veterinarian is necessary.

In fact, we have already achieved astonishing successes. By using the therapy device, the healing process is shortened and self-healing is stimulated.


EQUITRON was launched in 2014 for the veterinary sector on the market for medical technology. This high-frequency therapy device is a forward-looking therapy system that emits short but strong energy impulses to the body via a treatment loop. The bioelectric spectrum of action reaches up to 20 cm deep and thus acts directly in each individual body cell - where regeneration occurs. The cell membrane potential can level off again and enables the "power plant" cell to work normally again.


Anwendung des Equitron am Fesselgelenk  Anwendung des Equitron am Sprunggelenk
The device can also be used in diagnostics. In particular, concealed pain processes, such as tension or inflammation, are detected early with the help of EQUITRON and can therefore be treated successfully.
We use the therapy naturally with our riding horses.
Meanwhile we also offer them in this way - anyone whose horse has a problem can come to us for treatment regardless of training or riding. The costs for the treatment are 3€ net per minute. The duration of the treatment is individually between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the problem.