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Sensual, individual training of horse & pony
from beginning to Grand Prix

Full training of your horse

Your opportunities, our commitment:


  1. We take your horse into fulltime training
  2. You ride your horse under our guidance
  3. Any mix of training and own riding


We will also be happy to present your horse at competitions or accompany your competition performance.
Regardless of breed, age, gender and stage of training, Andrea cares lovingly for each individual horse. She is fully committed to the horse's personality and character and developss the horse as far as possible. Of course, always without pressure or force.



Training can be used for schooling and educational purposes as well as for rehabilitation and correction purposes.
Within the scope of fulltime training, your horse will not only be trained under the saddle, but also on the lunge rein and in ground work.


Your horse will be cared for with loving care:

- There is a daily turn out to grass / paddock all year round
- Feeding: hay, oats unlimited - we will gladly procure additional feeding stuff for you on request.
- Bedding: daily straw unlimited, alternative bedding is available on request.
- Muck out: 5-7 times /week
- Scheduling and support of veterinarian and farrier


Single training of your horse

We are also happy to train your horse in individual units according to agreement, even if your horse is not fully trained with us.



Beim Beritt erfolgt die Ausbildung vom Anreiten bis zu schweren Lektionen wie der Piaffe

Andrea Bethge trains horses sensitively and individually from the beginning to the highest level. read more...


playful.piaffe bietet Korrekturberitt für Probleme wie "Falscher Knick" und "Hinter dem Zügel gehen"

In correction training common problems like "false bend","behind vertikal", etc. are fixed. read more ...


Turniervorbereitung von der Reitpferdeprüfung bis zum Grand Prix

Andrea Bethge presents horses from riding horse tests to Grand Prix competitions. read more...