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Andrea Bethge bietet Korrekturberitt für diverse Probleme - Grundlage ist immer das Lang und Tief

The absolute willingness to stretch forms the basis of playful.piaffe-training. From this Andrea Bethge develops the highest exercises in a playful way.

Due to her special kind of training Andrea is not only able to solve countless common problems like rideability and rhythm problems, but also to rehabilitate seemingly unridable horses.

An improvement of all basic gaits - also of the walk - is a regular result of the training.

The following problems can be corrected:

  • mouth problems such as blocking, teeth grinding and tongue defects
  • false bend
  • irregularities of movement like e. g. pace, uneven length of steps or four-beat canter
  • strong asymmetry
  • different riding problems, e. g. dead in mouth, leaning on the bit, above the bit, tilted poll, hollow back, hectic or lazy horses,....
  • „Learning blockades“
  • Development/train up of the back, e. g. for kissing spines
  • Head Shaking