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DVD "Reiten von innen heraus statt von oben herab"

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"riding with humbleness instead of hybris"

Andrea Bethge changes perspectives


3 teaching DVDs in a practical Set on the basics of horse training



Werbetrailer DVD "Reiten von innen heraus statt von oben herab" from Andrea Bethge on Vimeo.

currently only available in german

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Coverbild DVD "Reiten von innen heraus statt von oben herab"

Foto DVDs "Reiten von innen heraus statt von oben herab"

Grand Prix rider and dressage trainer Andrea Bethge recognizes the horse as an equal partner who brings in his complete character. A horse that feels comfortable develops joy and motivation in training together.

In these three DVDs, which build on each other, Andrea Bethge gives a deep insight into her special kind of horse training. Informative interviews and varied example sequences explain step by step an exciting and completely different approach to the basics of riding. This quickly leads to instructive "aha" effects, which have great effects through small changes.

Whoever is open to a riding style "per horse" and is prepared to open up completely to his horse will open up completely new experiences - riding on a harmonious relationship level, in dialogue with his horse.

Release yourself from external expectations, dare to listen to your horse and open yourself to what it has to say!


Attention: currently only available in German language!


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DVD 1: Basics of horse training





DVD 2: Basics of riding

Contact ans acceptance of the bit


Long & Low


DVD 3: Basics of riding


Flexion & lateral bending



Total running time approx. 135 minutes

Price: 69,90€ (incl. VAT for the set)

                              plus shipping (please inquire)


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